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From /v/ with love.
Hot damn, I am so hyped. You wouldn’t believe it. Oh geez, oh geez, oh man.

From /v/ with love.

Hot damn, I am so hyped. You wouldn’t believe it. Oh geez, oh geez, oh man.

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By terrible THE drawfag.

Sometimes the old gags are the best.

Also, there’s rumor that ANGR might be in trouble:

That’s just a rumor, so don’t abandon ship and stop buying the book, but if you could get some people you know to buy it physically or digitally…that would be superb.

Heck, maybe if it lasts long enough, the above crossover might just happen.

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Exploitable Paranoid, Riot Cop Naoto vector for all your Paranoid, Riot Cop Naoto vector needs and wants from /pg/.

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Nanako wins the Ultimax!

It’s an express train. Won’t stop, can’t stop.

Yu’s gonna have to buy a lot of train tickets to get her home.

On the other hand, this might give her a chance to meet her Aunt and Uncle Narukami.

That could be fun.

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"There once was a tiger striped cat. This cat died a million deaths, revived and lived a million lives…The cat wasn’t afraid to die."

-Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

Maybe it doesn’t matter whether you’re really  alive or dead. In either case, maybe what really matters is that you’re you.

Of course that brings up questions regarding identity, free will, intelligent design, predetermination, and you know what? The alive or dead thing is off the table, so that’s a net gain as far as I’m concerned. I need a nap.

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By an anonymous DrawFriend

Hopefully they find a way to stop him from meditating. Otherwise he might enjoy himself a little too much.

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Ms. Marvel #7/All-New Ghost Rider #6

So next month, while Kamala gets to hang out with one of the coolest super pets on the planet, Robbie will have to fight a ghetto menagerie of drugged-out monster animals.

That’s fair. I mean, yeah, that’s completely fair. That is so fair that it’s funny, that it’s hilarious. It is HYSTERICAL how fair that is. If it was any more fair, this situation would be in a DOVE commercial.

Ah Robbie, I don’t care how punny this sounds. You just can’t catch a break.

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His flying thing was dumb looking and he deserves to be humiliated and sad forever.

And his plan was also dumb.

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Well they were jerks. And dumb ones at that.

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It’s the perfect plan.